Our Works

Why We Start?

Given the rapid changes of the economic and technological trends, we believe that regional exposure and an ability to learn new skills will be valuable in a market. As a member of our society, we also believe that everyone should be offered equal opportunities to be equipped with future skills so to facilitate their adaptation to an increasingly globalised and knowledge-based economy. 

In AYC, we truly believe communications, connections and collaborations are the key elements that shape our future.

Therefore, AYC carries a mission in cultivating an open environment for our members and friends.

Our Initiatives & Supported Programme


AYC Thursday Dialogue

AYC Thursday Dialogue is an exclusive event with our members who strive to learn from the vast experiences of creating positive impacts on the world.

AYC participating in RTHK's CIBS programme

Technology Education

To get us prepared for the age of re-industrialisation where technology is king, we have developed a series of broadcasting radio programme with RTHK, the public service broadcaster in Hong Kong. 

Youth Development

AYC supports other youth initiatives and organizations who share the same vision of cultivating an innovative mindset for our future leaders. 

What we have done so far?

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